New Blog and YouTube !! 

Welcome everyone to the brand new blog and Happy New Year. Can you believe it its 2016. May this new year bring each and every one of you blessings . For those of you who have followed my last blog welcome to this new journey . To all of my  new readers welcome welcome.

The reason I decided to start a new blog is because I felt like it was time for a change. I have thought long and hard about it and I felt it was very necessary. I am using a new hosting site which to say I am very impressed with it. I am able to have more control on what content I put out how it looks and I really love to have that feeling . For those of you who have been following me since day one then you know all of the content is beauty related. Being that I started this new blog I will be adding much more content not just about beauty . I feel it is important to put many types of content because let’s face it not everyone wants to see beauty posts all day. So this is even more exciting for me and I cannot wait for you guys to see what the new year brings to the blog .

One of my main goals to do in 2016 is to be able to start my YouTube Channel. This has been a goal of mine for about 3 years and I have not yet accomplished it. As many of you know I am a single parent so my first job is to make sure that my child is well taken care of. So making sure I provided him with everything has set me back a little in accomplishing that goal. But I will not give up. I want my son to be proud of me one day and see that his mom went out there and achieved what she wanted the most . While talking about starting YouTube with a friend she mentioned to me that one helpful tip I could do is start a gofund me account. When she mentioned  that I was stuck . I only thought you can use that for certain medicial purposes and such. Also I just wasn’t sure if it was a good idea for me because of what I wanted. I took time to think about it and I said to myself I know I cannot afford all of the equipment it takes to start a channel but if I could get the help and support from my readers and people who believe in me this will give me such a big a push. So yes I did start a go fund me campaign titled : Starting My YouTube Channel. The reason I started this campaign is because I am very serious about starting a channel. I would love the help and support from readers to help make this come true. My goal is to raise $250 to help me purchase a camera. I know this is asking a lot for many of you but I would really appropriate it if you can make this possible for me. Even if you cannot donate just by you sharing my story and getting it out there will mean the absolute most to me. I really want to go to the next level with my blog and also start a YouTube career. Doing this makes me happy and I would love to make it my full time job. Once again thank you to everyone who has been reading since day one I really appreciate all of you so much .  So please if you can donate it would really mean so much to me and if you can’t all u ask is if you can please just share my campaign and get the word out there 🙂

On my previous blog – i did mention that there will be a giveaway this month and all of that is moving over to this blog. The giveaway post will be published on Sunday January 17th , 2016 ! This will be just be a small giveaway to show my appreciation to everyone who had supported me these last 3 years 🙂 I hope you all are very excited about it !! For any questions that you may have head over to my contact me page, there you can find all of my social media accounts you can contact me on there.

Wishing everyone a great day and a great 2016 !!

Until Next Time Dolls !!

Xoxo___ Kris !!

Go Fund Me – Click here to view my campaign

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