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Welcome to the second post in the Beginner Beauty Series. I hope you all have found much help in the Foundation post. In todays post I will be covering everything that I have learned about eyebrows. For me doing my eyebrows was the last thing I learned because it was so hard for me to do them. I would constantly practice so much and I just could not get it. I would watch a bunch of videos and even try to mimic the techniques that many of the beauty gurus were doing. Then it clicked in my head everyone eyebrows are different so mine wouldn’t look the exact same. Another thing that also clicked in was that you have to use the right products if you want good brows. That doesn’t mean you have to go and buy high end brow products because there are many great products that you can get in the drugstore as well as the beauty supply.

In order to achieve great brows having the right products and tools is the most important key factor in this routine. Now everywhere you go they are changing the game for brow products, even the drugstore has come out with some amazing new products that I have seen. So you want to know what works best for you? I can help you figure that out in this post.  I will have pictures of my eyebrows done with two of the products I have been recently using to help you get started.

Here are some brow products I have been using :

Anastasia Brow Wiz – Dark Brown

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade – Dark Brown

Kiss Eyebrow Kit – Comes in two Brown Shades

Milani Stay Put Brow Color – Dark Brown

Maybelline Clear Brow Gel


These five products have worked wonderful for me. As you can see two of them are high end and the other two are drugstore. For beginners I would say the easiest brow tools to start with are a brow pencil or brow powder. Using these two products you have much more control and its easier to work with. Once you get a little more advanced with your eyebrows I would say you can start using brow pomades. When I was getting frustrated with my brows I just went out to Sephora and purchased the Anastasia Brow Wiz because I have heard so many great things about that brow pencil and everyone knows that Anastasia is the Queen of brows. When I purchased it and began to use it let me tell you I am not kidding I loved it so much. The shade matched perfectly for my skin tone and the product looked so natural. I was happy I spent the money because it truly is a great product. Once I continued to keep practicing and learning the shapes of my brows I branched out and use other products such as, the brow pomade and brow powder. Using pomade is a bit tricky so I recommend you use that when you are very comfortable with your brows. Another important thing about your brows is that it doesn’t matter what kind of product you use ALWAYS set your brows with either clear gel or a tinted brow. I always use clear because I use a dark brown and its already dark enough for me so I don’t like to add on more color. Using a brow gel helps insure to keep your brows in place and the color won’t fade away.

Some tools and products that are needed to do your brows are:

Spooly Brush

Flat Brush


These three I mentioned are also crucial when doing your brows. You want to make sure that you have a spooly so that you can brush the product throughout your eyebrows so that they will look less harsh and more natural. Concealer and a flat brush work together. I never used concealer to clean my brows and once I did I noticed a major difference and I loved it. So I always clean up the bottoms and tops to make them more sharp and also to clean up any mistakes I may have made. That step is totally optional and all up to you.

What is your brow shape? To figure this you can use the end of any makeup brush, pencil or pen to figure that out. Taking the brush you will place the brush at the end side of your nose and where the tip of the brush is that is where your brow is going to begin.  Next, taking the brush and placing it across your nose and the tip of the brush will lead you to where your arch is. Lastly, holding the brush across the edge of your nose there you will have where your brow will end. This will be the easiest way to help you , if you do not want to do these steps you can also try to mimic your brow hairs and go from there. It may be tricky but you can always use those three steps for guidance. Keep in mind that we all have different brow shapes and types. My brows are totally different , my left brow has a nice high arch and then my right brow is just straight. So I always try to make them look even, but remember your brows are sisters, not twins so they won’t always look the same.

Now I am going to show you two ways to do your brows. I ran out of my brow wiz so I haven’t replaced it but if you would like to see how I do my brows with that product let me know in the comments below and when I purchase a new one I will have it up.

The two products I will be using is the Kiss Eyebrow Kit and the Milani Stay Put Brow color , I will be using one product on each eyebrow … Below are a picture of the products I will be using.


First step is to make sure you pluck any little hairs you may have growing and also to take your spooly brush and brush brows in the direction you want them.

First taking the light brown shade in the kiss eyebrow kit with an angled brush I just outlined the beginning of my eyebrow. Your eyebrows in the front should always be lighter than the tail keep that in mind.


Next, taking the darker brown shade I will go outline the bottom of my eyebrow.

Again taking the dark brown shade I will outline the top of my eyebrow connecting it to the tail.


Taking the dark shade again I will start from the tail and begin to fill in my eyebrow stopping half way to the beginning.



Going in with the light brown shade I will then begin to fill in the front by pushing the product upwards to create a natural beginning. Make sure to continuously brush out your brows with your spooly.



Taking the Milani brow color I will outline the bottom of the eyebrow.



Here I am outlining the top of my eyebrow.



Going in again and filling out the eyebrows as I did on the other side.


Here they are both filled in.


Taking my LA Girl Concealer I will take it on my flat definer brush and draw a line under my eyebrow.


Taking the brush I will push the product downwards with the brush, blend it out and then smooth it out with my finger with the end result being this.


Taking some concealer above the brow but not starting at the beginning it will look like this.


I will then blend out that product and then whatever is left I will shape up the front of brow to my liking.


Doing the same steps on the other side of brow here are my finished results.


The last step in achieving great brows is to set them with clear brow gel and adding a highlighter color underneath. And there we have my finished eyebrows.


Each day I do them they still come out totally different so don’t get discouraged I am still learning about my eyebrows each and everyday. With enough practice and patience you will be an expert on your eyebrows in no time.

I hope you enjoyed this post in the series 🙂 and find these steps very helpful in your brow routine. But always keep in mind we always have different brows so this can help you to try and find your perfect eyebrow routine. For any other questions on this post feel free to contact me I will answer any questions you may have.

The next post in the Beginner Beauty Series will be all about Eye Makeup so stay tuned next Monday for that post.


Until Next Time Dolls!!


Xox0___ Kris !!


Products Mentioned:

Milani Stay Put Brow Color – Dark Brown

Kiss Eyebrow Kit – Dark Brown

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Dark Brown

Anastasia Brow Wiz – Dark Brown

Maybelline Brow Gel – Clear

LA Girl Pro Conceal – Toffee


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