Skin Care Favorites


In todays post I will be sharing with you my updated skin care products that I just cannot get enough of. So for starters my skin recently has been all over the place. Sometimes my skin gets very oily and then it gets super dry, my skin I guess is just in that inbetween stage.

I have been struggling with products that actually help improve my skin and help to keep it hydrated because when my skin is dry it’s very bad and I hate to see it like that. I knew that if I wanted my skin to improve that eventually I would have to spend a little bit more money on products because let’s face sometimes we have to spend money to get those great results. These products I will mention in this post I have been using for a while and I really love them. I will be giving you my honest opinion on these products so no worries. Now let me show you my favorite skin care products.

My first product is my Nivea Soft moisturizing crème. This moisturizer works amazing with my skin. The product is just right and blends out like a charm. It leaves my skin very hydrated and moisturized. A little goes a very long way. I picked mine up for about $8 at the drugstore and to me that’s a great price because there is so much product inside. If you have very dry skin like me this will do you justice. I use it every morning and night there is not a day in where I do not use this amazing product.

This next product was such a gem to find. I am have been searching for an eye cream in the drugstore since forever. Everytime I would go the L`orel revitalift one was always sold out so I got discouraged. Then one day while I was shopping I found this one. I was finally happy I found an eyecream. The eyecream I currently am using is the L’Oréal Eye Defense eyecream. This product is really great. I have been using for about two months and I apply it every morning and night. I can say I have noticed a difference underneath my eyes. My bags aren’t as puffy and my dark circles aren’t as dark as they used to be. If you need a great eyecream I highly recommend this one. It retails for about $16 but L`oreal products tend to be on sale a lot at the drugstore. I got mine on sale for $11 which was great. Pick this up if you haven’t tried it ladies.

This next product has to be my favorite facial wash of all time. Below is a picture of what the product looks like when you squeeze it out of the tube. This is the Simple moisturizing face wash. As I mentioned before my face is very dry so I look for all problems that will help it be hydrated and moisturized. This face wash is really amazing, it cleans my skin very well and also has it feeling so smooth soft. I use this both morning and night and it has been helping very much. This one is very sensitive for your skin. If you also have sensitive skin and you want a cleanser that won’t be harsh on your skin this will be perfect for  you. This retail for $8 and yes it gets the job done very well. I will be also trying other skin care products from the Simple line they have such a wide variety I cannot wait to pick up more. Just a little of this goes a long way. The amount I have on my hand cleanses my whole face 🙂

Lastly, this product I have been using for a month and it is great. This is the Queen Helene Oatmeal and Honey Scrub. This is an exfoliator so you don’t have to use this everyday. I use mine once a week and this helps to exfoliate your skin and get rid of that dead skin on your face. This is really a great product for only $3!! I mean I was shocked when I tried it out. The smell is amazing and it just makes your skin feel brand new once you wash it off. If you haven’t really used an exfoliator I think you should give this try it is only $3 so if you really don’t like then you won’t be upset too much because if you spend about $30 on one and don’t like it that’s a lot of money wasted. I really believe in this product and I would recommend to this anyone.


I know this post was a little short but I just wanted to share with you my favorite skin care products at the moment. I have other items in that routine but these 4 I just had to share with you because I really love them. If you would like to see all of the products , such as the products I use to remove my makeup and such let me know I can definitely show you those as well.

I would love to know what are your top skin care products take a picture and tag me using the hashtag #Beautyby_Kris and if you can recommend any other products let me know I would love to try other products to help my dry skin 🙂


Until Next Time Dolls !!


Xoxo__ Kris !!


Products Mentioned:

Some of the items I found for cheaper prices so I will link them down below

Simple Face Wash <—- Face wash/cleanser

L`Oreal Eye Defense <—- Eye cream

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Crème <—- Moisturizer

Queen Helene Oatmeal n Honey Scrub <— Facial Scrub/Exfoliator


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