Beginner Beauty- Eye Makeup


Welcome to the third installment in the Beginner Beauty Series. If you have been reading from the beginning thank you for sticking around and being a loyal reader. In this post I will cover my most highly requested thing ever and that is EYE MAKEUP..

Also I hope everyone is doing well and has everything back in order from the snow storm we just recently had this Saturday in NYC. It was a bit crazy and scary not knowing what the outcome was going to be. But I hope that everyone was safe and not harmed.

Every time I would post a picture on Instagram or Facebook many of my friends would tell me how I achieve those eye looks. They always tell me I need to start doing tutorials which hopefully will happen sometime this year. I always tell them it’s super easy you just have to practice getting some eyeshadow palettes and get the right brushes. Another thing I will be covering in this eye makeup routine will also be eyeliner and eyelashes. The way I learned was by watching tutorials non stop and also practicing every chance I got. In the beginning I was using basic brushes from the like the beauty supply store but as I got more into makeup and was learning more I knew that in order to really perfect some eye looks I would need the right brushes. When I say the right brushes most of you may think can’t you just use any brush? That’s what I thought but there are many brushes for different concepts into creating any eye look. It doesn’t matter what kind of eyeshadow you are using if you have all of your tools you can have a $2 palette and make it look like your using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar for example. As for eyeliner and eyelashes both of these steps can be very tricky. I would know this because still until this day I still struggle so much on applying false eyelashes. That has to be my greatest struggle but I know I have to keep practicing in order to ace it. So in this post I will be showing you some palettes both high end and drugstore, affordable makeup brushes, how to apply wing liner and also on how I try to apply false lashes 🙂

For starters, what are some good eyeshadow palettes you may ask? There are tons of palettes out there and I have tried many of both high end and drugstore. Since this is a beginner series I would recommend that you can start out with some drugstore palettes. If you don’t mind on spending much more money you can try out high end products. My favorite drugstore palettes I would recommend would have to be by NYC , ELF and Maybelline. Personally these are some of my favorite drugstore palettes. Wet n Wild also has some great palettes I have yet to try but many of my close friends love them and rave about them all the time so I think I should give them a try. As for high end palettes one of my favorites has to be the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette. I mean literally almost everyone has that palette and loves it. That is one of the most perfect neutral palettes you can own in your collection. It is definitely worth the price if you ask me. For a more affordable palette you should definitely check out some by Morphe Brushes. I own two palettes by them one is no longer available which is the Jaclyn Hill favorites palette and the other is the most talked about palette which is the 350 palette. Morphe eyeshadows are to me the best. They blend so well, are super creamy and very pigmented. So if you are just starting out I would highly recommend you try one of their palettes first because they have a nice range to choose from, you will not be disappointed.

too faced palette
Another thing you will need to create your eye look is to have a good base. Having an eyeshadow base really helps out in all of this. Eyeshadow bases help to keep your eyeshadow in place and they won’t budge through out the day. There are a couple of good eye primers I have used and they have lived up to their job. The first one I ever used was the Urban Decay Primer Potion in original. They have about 4 other shades and they are really great. This really does ensure that your eyeshadow will stay in place all day. For a much affordable eye primer NYX has a great one. The NYX shadow base in skin tone is my go to right now ! I have been using it for a year and I love it. These bases come in 4 shades so you have a nice range to choose from. And yes this also makes your eyeshadow last all day. You will see me using this product towards the end of the post.

  urban decay
There is more than just eyeshadows in an eye look. Let’s talk about mascara and eyeliner now. As we all know there are tons and tons of mascara and eyeliners, but most of us never really know which ones are the right ones. But it really just all depends on your personal preference. When looking for the right mascara for you it all depends on how you want your lashes to look. If you want fuller looking lashes there are some amazing mascaras you can choose from Covergirl. My favorite at the moment from that brand is the Covergirl Plumpify blast pro mascara. Another favorite of mine that gives me fuller and longer looking lashes has to be Miss Manga by L`oreal. That is my holy grail mascara every time I wear it I get lots of compliments and I barely have any lashes at all . For voluminous lashes, everyone raves about the Voluminous Carbon Black by L`oreal as well. I have yet to try and I hope that I can get my hands on it pretty soon. Another mascara in that category has to be one of my favorites and it is the Lash Sensational by Maybelline. They have also come out with a new Lash Sensational that I will be trying out. I just got it so once I’ve tried it out for a week I will let you know how I like it. I could go on and on about tons of mascaras and we could be here forever. But I really think you should try some of these I have mentioned in this post. They are affordable and that to me is important. You wanna be able to explore every option you have available before you go ahead and spend $40 on just one mascara.

As for eyeliner in my collection I only have two different types. One which is a liquid and the other a gel. I know just two right? But these are my two holy grail eyeliners of all time and I have already gone through 4 of each. It took me a while to get that hang of applying eyeliner especially a wing. I have tried regular pencil liners , pens and such. But the two that I have found to work the best for me are these two, the NYC Liquid eyeliner and the Maybelline Gel Studio eyeliner. I have found these two to be the easiest to use for me. The liquid eyeliner comes with a handle and the brush is so small it gives you so much control over the product which I love. You can create just a simple liner or wing it out and create that cat eye that we all love. It retails for only $2.99 which is so amazing. I mean you cannot beat that and to me that is one of the best eyeliners out there. I swear by this so much and that is why it is one of the items I will be having in my giveaway 🙂 . As for the gel eyeliner it can be tricky but it can work wonders if you have the right brush. To apply this gel liner I use my Morphe M217 brush. This applies the gel so nicely and it is very easy to use. The tip of the brush makes it so easy for you to create that perfect wing. Definitely a match made in heaven.

Now for my most difficult topic eyelashes. You guys I don’t understand why I am having such a hard time with this. I mean I have watched tons of videos and I just still cannot get the hang of it. When I do try to apply falsies it really takes me about 20 minutes just to get it on one side. Ridiculous I know and I wish I could just catch on super quick. I really want to get into the hang of it because I feel like falsies really takes your eye looks to the next level. I just love how flirty and fun most look and the dramatic ones are to dye for . Just because it is difficult for me does not mean the same will happen to you. But it is big that you keep practicing because once you do get the hang of it you will see how much more it brings out your eye makeup. I just recently purchased a pair of tweezers that specifically help you to apply falsies. I will be using them for this post so if it works out you will know at the end of the post. In order to apply your lashes you will need some type of lash adhesive. The one I use is by DUO and I use the black one. To me I prefer it better because then it will be easy to cover with some eyeliner. There are other adhesives to choose from so you can do some searching and try some out to see what works best for you. My favorite brand of lashes are by Ardell and yes they are affordable. I  feel like the drugstore/affordable queen but I can’t help it they have some really amazing products. Ardell lashes are the easiest to start with because the lash band is so thin and they look very natural. When I am able to get them on I love them. My favorite pair are the demi wispies. Everyone has heard of those lashes and they are the most natural flirty wispy lashes of life. I highly recommend them for starting out and any other Ardell lash that you find that you like.


The most important factor in creating your eye look are your brushes !!!!  I had to learn this quickly because brushes do make a major difference guys. As we all know there are very popular brands out there that have some of the best brushes. But since this is a Beginner Beauty series I will recommend you brushes that yes are affordable and have GREAT quality. But before I get into the brands you wanna know what type of eye brushes you need to create that look. Well I can tell you for me it takes about 5 brushes. That may seem like alike but each brush has its own purpose. Many of you may think you just need one brush for everything, but that is not correct. You need that blending brush to blend out those harsh lines and also that shader brush to pack color all over your lid. So please pay attention to this the brushes are very IMPORTANT. Here are list of the brushes you will need .

Eye Brushes:

Shader brush- to apply your eyeshadow to your lid

Fluffy crease brush- to apply a transition color to your crease

Tapered blending brush- to apply depth to your crease

Blending brush- to blend out your eyeshadow, to help diffuse harsh lines

Definer Brush- to apply eyeshadow to lower lash line , best use for smokey eyes

These would be the 5 I use when I create many of my eye looks. As you can see they each have their own purpose and have a certain job to do. It is important to have multiple of these brushes especially those crease brushes because they will be needed 100% of the time.

Now to the fun part about the brushes, which ones should you buy? Sigma has some amazing brushes and brush sets. They have some eye kits available which can help to start your kit up. Another brand that I have recently have been using is Jessup Brushes. Ever since I got them I have not stopped using. They are so soft, very easy to work with and the 15pc set I purchased comes with not only eye brushes but also face brushes. This would be the perfect brush set to start with because you get 15 amazing quality brushes for $17 !! Also of course you have to check out Morphe Brushes. They have many different collections which I love and they are really that amazing. They also carry vegan brushes for those of you who prefer those over the original brushes. Their brushes are super affordable and you cannot go wrong. I would recommend these brushes because I have personally used them and love them. I would not recommend anything that I do not stand by and do not like. It wouldn’t be fair but these brushes have changed my eye looks so much for me and I want you to be able to have the best out there.

Morphe Brushes has collaborated with LiveGlam to give us the Morphe Me Program. I am subscribed and I could not pass it up. For $19.99 a month Liveglam sends you up $30 or more in Morphe brushes. Especially for you beginners this would be perfect because you get them sent straight to you. Each month you get a different set of brushes and this will be the perfect way to get your brush kit up there. If you are not subscribed head over to Liveglam for more information . ** Currently they are sold out of subscriptions but you can join the waiting list and they will let you know when they have subscriptions available **

My favorite Brushes:

Morphe Brushes – M439 M180 M200 M217 M601

Jessup Brushes – 15Pc Brush Set Black and Gold

Sigma Brushes – F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush

**Click the highlighted words to check out the brushes on each website**

Jessup 15pc set Black and Gold


Morphe Brushes


Sigma F80 Brush

_______________ ___________________________________

These are just some of my favorites but you can search on their websites to find many more styles.




So now I will be showing you a step by step routine to create this neutral every day eye look that you can wear all the time, it will be super easy to create so don’t worry you will have this look down in no time . All of the shadows will be from the Morphe 350 Palette.

The first step is to prime your eyelids. So I took my Nyx shadow base in skin tone and buffed that all over my lids using my M173 brush.

For the crease if you don’t know where that is here is a tip. Here I am just relaxing my eye and as you can see that sort of crease mark, there is my crease. You can do the same and just point it out with a brush. There is were you will apply your transition color.


Taking my fluffy 224 brush and with this camel color from my Morphe 350 palette I will place that color all over my crease as my transition shade. This helps you by creating a guide for where you will actually place your crease color and to also make sure all of the colors blend in well together.


This is what it looks like with my transition shade applied.


Using this dark brown shade and my Jessup tapered blending brush I will place that directly into the crease.

Here I am showing directly where the color will be going.

Here we have the crease colors in, make sure that when you are done that you go back in with your fluffy brush and blend out any harsh lines. The key is to always blend blend blend.

Going in with my M209 brush and this white shade I placed that directly all over both of my lids. This will be the lid color.

Here is how the eyeshadows should look. Before you start your liner make sure that you go back in and blend out everything.

Going in for a winged eyeliner taking my NYC liquid eyeliner taking the tip of the brush I will make a line going from the very corner of the eye and bring it upwards.

Going halfway from the line I will make another line going downwards onto the lid. As you can see I stopped right as I got to the lash line.

I will then go ahead and fill in that space. Moving forward you will just line the front towards the tail of the wing.

Here is how the eyeliner came out.

To move along I took the new Lash Sensational and gave my lashes on coat to prepare for the falsies. That new wand is absolutely amazing so once I have used this mascara for a week I will let you guys know how it is.

Ok you guys, this literally took me about 30 minutes to get these both on. I am telling you the struggle is real out here. But here I am taking my Demi lashes on an eyelash tweezer and I applied the Duo glue in dark. Try to get the lash band as close as you can to your natural lash line. I was trying to get a picture of me doing it but I really needed both hands to apply the lashes. After struggling for so long I finally got them on 🙂

Here are both lashes on 🙂  and below is the finished look with a full face.




Hope you guys enjoyed this edition to the Beginner Beauty Series. The next post will be all about Contour and Highlight 🙂 stay tuned for that one.

For any questions regarding to this post please feel free to comment down below I would be glad to answer anything.


Until Next Time Dolls !!


Xoxo__ Kris !!


Products Used:

Kiss Eyebrow Kit

Maybelline Master Prime Primer- Blur and Illuminate

NYX Shadow Base – Skintone

Morphe 350 Eye shadow Palette

NYC Liquid Eyeliner

Ardell Demi Wispie Lashes

Maybelline Lash Senastional Mascara

DUO Eye lash glue – Dark

NYX Dark Circle Corrector – Dark

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer- Dark

L’Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation – C8 Cocoa

Milani Rose Blush – 08 Tea Rose

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Medium-Tan – Peaches & Cream to set highlight and Espresso to contour

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – Champagne Pop (by Jaclyn Hill)

Milani Brillant Shine Lipgloss – 02 Mai-Tai

Mac Fix Plus

** All tools used today were Morphe Brushes, Jessup Brushes, Beauty Blender and Eyelash Tweezers**

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