Beginner Beauty- Contour and Highlighting


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Welcome to the final post in the Beginner Beauty Series, Contour and Highlighting. I am very excited to be doing this post. Today I will be showing you an easy way for you to contour and highlight your face. This has become a major part in EVERYONE’s makeup routine. I mean who doesn’t want that Kim K contoured face 🙂 Today I can show you a easy way to achieve that.

Many people have their own ways of doing this step. For this post I will be showing you a very easy way in which I started doing. But before I get into it lets get in depth about what contouring and highlighting really is. First for highlight, what is that? Well when you are highlight you are bringing brightness to these areas of your face ( under eyes, center of forehead, bridge of nose, cupids bow, chin and areas around your mouth if you prefer that). Highlighting those areas brings brightness and it makes you look more awake and also can give you a nice glow. Highlight has now become my favorite part of this routine. I just love to make my under eyes look awake and it makes me look fresh and alive.

As for contouring it is opposite. When you contour your face you are creating a shadow to make certain features on your face pop, or to make them appear smaller or thinner in many cases. The areas you would normally contour would be your cheek bones, temples, forehead, nose and your jawline. Contouring can be tricky but once you practice you will love it. Make sure that when contouring you blend it out very well so that you won’t see any harsh lines.

Now what are you suppose to use ? Good question, there are MANY MANY contour and highlight kits out there now. As you may know the Anastasia Contour Kits have been amazing. I myself own the original form which are the powders and I absolutley  love it. She now also has a cream contour kit which I am dying to try. Also the drugstore has come out with some great ones which I was very excited about because you guys know I am like the drugstore queen. But having the right kit can make a difference. I own 3 at the moment one drugstore and two drugstore. One is very new and I used it today for this post and I am LOVING it. Why don’t I show what they are..


  • Anastasia Contour Kit Medium to Tan

img_0320 img_0321

By far the best contour kit I have ever tried. She has these available in 3 other shades and you can also customize your very own. The one I own comes with the shades 10k(illuminator) Macchiato (illuminator) Peaches & Cream ( highlight powder) Nutmeg , Havana , and Espresso which these 3 are all contour shades. This kit is very great quality, the colors are very pigmented and blend well so easy. This to me is worth the money and what is great is that it great for those of you have the same skin tone as me.


  • E.L.F Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder Turks & Caicos

img_0322 img_0323

This little kit here is so incredible. I got mine for $3 and I was IMPRESSED. I have mine in Turks and Caicos. They are available in 4 shades, great for all of us with different color skin tones. This little kit will not disappoint you the bronzing shade I use to contour is great. As you can see I hit pan on this because I was using it literally everyday. The color worked very well and it looked so natural on my skin. As for the blush it was also it complimented my skin very well. I would say get this first because you will love it just as much as I do.


  • Wet n Wild Contouring Palette Contour 750A Caramel Toffee

img_0324  img_0325

I have only used this palette today and guys no kidding I love it so much. I have heard so many great things about this since it came and could not find it in stores so I had to make a purchase on Wet n Wilds website and I am so glad I did. The yellow shade is so awesome and for me sometimes I am scared to use such a bright color to set my under eyes because I am afraid it will be too light , but this one was just perfect. It gave me such a nice brightness under my eyes and it looked so natural I couldn’t believe. As for the contour shade really freaking amazing and only for $4 this is now my new favorite. If you do not want to  believe the hype believe it because it really is that good.


  • LA Girl Pro Concealer in Toffee and Beautiful Bronze










These two products work great together. If you do not want to use powders to contour as shown in the pictures above you have another option you can use a cream. Meaning any darker foundation stick or concealer can work just fine. The Toffee shade is what I use to highlight my areas of my face and I sometimes use the beautiful bronze to contour as well. These concealers are very great and the Toffee shade is my holygrail go to. They retail for $3 and have compared it to the MAC Pro Longwear. This stuff is great and if you haven’t tried it I highly suggest that you do. Keep in mind that when you are highlighting your face your highlight should one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Going to bright will just make you look like you have ghost under eyes and we do not want that.


  • E.L.F Angled Blush Brush, Jessup Duo Fiber Powder/Blush Brush, Jessup  Tapered Face Brush
These are my favorite brushes to contour and highlight with. When I am using powder to contour my face or to set the cream contour I will use my elf angled blush brush. This has worked well for me for over a year now and I have not stopped using this brush to contour my face with. When I cream contour I will then use my Jessup duo fiber brush to really blend out that cream and make sure it looks natural. Then to set that it place so it doesn’t move I will then go back and use my elf brush. To set the highlight under my eyes I will use my Jessup Tapered Face Brush. This brush is so fluffy and it sets my under eyes very well. Definitely a perfect match for me.
The next question I bet you are waiting to be answered is how do you contour and highlight. That’s easy below I will have a picture of how you contour and highlight. This is easiest to help you figure out how to do it. Also for your cheek bones you can also make the fishy face to see where your cheekbone is as well as taking a brush and starting from you hair line bring the brush down towards your mouth and you can make your own line if you cant seem to find where yours start and ends. But don’t go too all the way down to your mouth because that won’t look great.
Here is the picture . I also used a picture similar to help me out and it was very helpful.
The picture is really easy to figure out and once you keep practicing you will be getting it done in no time.
Now I will show you my way in how I contour and highlight my face 🙂
Here I have my eyes, eyebrows on and face done. Note I did not apply any concealer yet or set the rest of my face with any face powder.
I could’ve smiled more lol, but my next step was to take my LA girl concealer in toffee and placed it all the areas I want to highlight. Under the eyes I made an upside down triangle and when I go ahead and blend it out with my beauty blender I will blend it all the way back to my temples to make my eyes look more wider and awake. As you can see I also highlight my forehead, cupids bow, my chin and around my mouth where I have darkness. Then I will blend out everything with a damp beauty blender.
Here I have my face highlighted. I will not set it until after I have contoured my face. These steps work out for me fine but you can choose to do this any way you feel most comfortable with.
img_0300 img_0299
img_0301  Next I took my La girl concealer in beautiful bronze and applied it to the areas I wanted to contour. So as you can see in the pictures I placed it on my cheekbones, around the top of my forehead, my temples and the sides of my nose to make it look a bit smaller. I will then go ahead and blend that out really well with my duo fiber brush. When blending the contour you want to go in circular motions going upwards towards where your hairline is for your cheeks. And for your forehead just blend it out in circular motions. For the nose you can use a beauty blender to really blend it in or use any brush that works great for your nose.
img_0302 img_0303
Here is are the cheekbones blended out. Once that is done I will go ahead and set both my highlighted and contoured areas. And to do this I used my Wet n Wild Contour Palette in Caramel Toffee.
After I am done setting my entire face it looked like this.

🙂 it is easy once you get the hang of it this is my personal preference because like I said I like for it to look natural and not too out there. But you guys can go ahead and change up any steps and create your own routine that works best for the shape of your face.

I went ahead and finished the rest of my face and here is my final results.



I hope you all enjoyed this post and find it very helpful. As you know any questions you have I will love to answer any of them ..


Until Next Time Dolls !!


Xoxo___ Kris !!

Products Used:

Maybelline Better Skin SuperStay Foundation – 95 Coconut

NYX Dark Circle Corrector – Deep

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade – Dark Brown

LA Girl Concealer – Toffee and Beautiful Bronze

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Ardell Demi Wispies

Wet n Wild Contour Palette – Caramel Toffee

Milani Rose Blush – Coral Love

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – Champagne Pop

Jordana Lip Liner – Coco Loco

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip – Tulle

Mac Fix Plus


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