L`Oreal Hair Care Review

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Welcome back everyone hope you all are having a great day. So today I wanted to review some new hair care products I received last week. I was really excited to get these products because they are new. I received the new L`Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the oil serum. **Disclaimer these products were sent to me for reviewing purposes only by Influenster and L`Oreal ** So as always you will get my truthful opinion on these products. In any reviews you know I explain how I really feel on any product I review.

As you guys know I was suffering from dry and damaged hair so receiving this was great. I love L`Oreal hair products I have used a bunch before and they were all really good. When I first received the products the packaging is so nice. The colors on the bottles stand out which I really like and the name catches your attention as well. Before I get into my review I will give you some information on the products then I will tell you how they worked out for me.



First starting off with the shampoo it claims that after one wash you will have lustrous and soft hair. This product is made for those of you who have dry and lifeless hair. This also has Argan,Chamomile, Coconut, Amla, and Sunflower. It also states that the oil won’t weigh down your hair which you know with most oils if you use too much it will weigh down your hair and it will be very flat. As for the conditioner it has the same ingredients and it also helps to rejuvenate your hair and bring it life. The Lustrous Oil Serum is said to be used after you apply both shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a silky smooth touch and for a plus you can also apply this as a protectant for any heat styling tools you will use.

Let’s just say I was very excited to try these out because they smell amazing and the ingredients were very intriguing. Using something like this would be great because I hate for my hair to look and feel dry. I will show you guys some before and after pictures once I am done sharing my thoughts you with you all. So now let me tell you what I think about this product.

I just recently used this to wash my hair and I can say that I am very impressed. While I was washing my hair I did notice that is was smoother and usually when I use my other shampoos my hair still feels rough. That is a major plus for me. As for the conditioner I like that as well. I left it in my hair for 10 minutes and I did apply it all over my head. As I was combing my hair with the conditioner in it I didn’t have a hard time and of course once I rinsed it out my hair was very soft. Once I dried my hair I did notice that when it was wet there was a shine to it. I expected a little more but this is my first time using so maybe the more I use it the more results I will see. I did however purchase the oil in treatment and L`oreal was kind enough to send a $2 off coupon for it. This was my first time using a leave in treatment in about two years. It didn’t weigh my hair down at all and I was afraid of that. I used about two pea sizes because my hair is thick and it worked great.

The only thing I was expecting was a lot of shine because all of the products has great oils in them. I mean it is ok because it was my first time but once I added in the Lustrous Oil my hair looked amazing. And these products actually do make your hair very soft, the only way my hair comes out that soft is when I use a deep treatment and I only used the regular conditioner so I am very very impressed with all of the products. I really did enjoy them and for some reason my hair even looked more voluminous which to me is amazing.

Overall I can say this is a really great line and as I continue to use it I will keep you guys updated. I really enjoy L`oreal’s hair care products. They have such a wide range to choose from but I will have to say this one is my favorite because of how soft it has made my hair within one use. Just great! So thank you again L`Oreal and Influenster for allowing me to review these products.

I highly recommend that you try this line out because it is really great!!  Hope you all enjoyed this review !! And here is the final result after using the products on my hair.

L-R (Before and After Picture)

Until Next Time Dolls !!

Xoxo_ Kris !!



Products Mentioned:

L`Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo

L`Oreal Extraordinary Oil Conditioner

L`Oreal Extraordinary Oil Transforming Oil-in-Cream

L`Oreal Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum


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