What I Got For My Birthday !!

Happy Easter Everyone! As well know today is a very important day as it is the day Jesus Resurrected from his death. This story has been told me for many many years and still it makes me shiver just a bit. But I am very blessed and thankful for what Jesus has done for all of us. And if it wasn’t for him I would have not been blessed with these new things that have come into my life this month and also in my 24 years of life.

So today I will be sharing with you what I got for my birthday. I was very happy and thankful to receive all of these gifts! I cannot believe I have such amazing friends because they really hooked me up this year. As well as my family. So I think i’ll just get into the post now.





So the first set of gifts I received as you can see in the photo above were very exciting. I really needed these things so bad and I was extremely happy to receive them. So in the photo I have a case for my camera, a mini desk tripod , screen protectors for my screen and a memory card reader. I am so happy that I got these gifts because I don’t know how long I would have waited to get them myself lol. Very great gifts that I love all so much. Although I need to figure out how to put the screen protector on the screen here.



The next gift which was like another big then was the tripod! This was the next thing in line I needed to get my Youtube channel up and running because I already got the camera and computer but I really needed something to hold my camera. So when I saw this I was like jumping all over the place 🙂 like I really have the greatest best friend ever she really looked out for me and knowing that she supports me so much and wants to see me accomplish so many things I am just extremely blessed to have her in my life. This is from the brand Vivtar and it is a 50inch Tripod.



The next very exciting I received was the Too Face Chocolate Bon Bons Palette. I wanted this palette for quite some time but I managed to buy so many other things so I was very happy that this was apart of my birthday package from my best friend! She is awesome. I cannot wait to play with this palette and create tons of looks with it.



On to the gifts from my other best friend  she got me a pair of the cutest sunglasses ever. I normally wear just regular square glasses that are very big but these here are totally me as well. The shape is cat eye which I like a lot and the color is very beautiful. I did actually wear them and I will show you how they look on. They are so cute and classy and this will definitely be my spring and summer shades. I adore these so much.




The next gift she got me was this really pretty necklace. I love fashion jewelry and especially necklaces I have a whole bunch hanging on my wall so this will be perfect for my collection. This will be perfect with just like a nice white shirt a nice bun I will defiantly work that up this week.



The next gift my cousin got OMG I was so shocked when she told me you guys. I remember when March hit I posted a picture of them and said this was all I wanted for my birthday and I actually got it. I couldn’t believe that she actually got me this I am so grateful. This Glow Kit is actually amazing! I wore it last night and my highlight was definitely on FLEEK! This is an amazing kit and my cousin is the best for buying it for me. I will definitely put this use EVERYDAY!



I actually did get this right before my birthday but my Mom did buy me a new phone. And I got the iPhone 6s Plus in Rose Gold. I had the iPhone 6s but when my brother got his 6s Plus I fell in love with it. So I just wanted to get it and give it a try and I LOVE this phone I don’t know why I didn’t get it sooner but I am happy I have it now.

My last birthday gift that I did get actually very early was from my mother as well and she got me a Macbook Air 🙂 something I have wanted for so long and didn’t think I would ever get until I saved up the money but my mom actually blessed me with it. If you already follow me on snapchat then you all knew how excited I was when I get this and you see me on this all the time. I never leave my room now because I have a new tv and then with this laptop I’m just stuck in there all day. So thank you again mother for both of my gifts I really appreciate them so much.


Well there you have it guys those are all of the gifts I received for my birthday. I am not trying to brag about anything I just wanted to share my gifts with you all because I was really excited to get them all.

** A huge special THANK YOU to both my Best Friends for getting my these gifts! I appreciate you guys so much and I am extremely thankful and blessed you didn’t have to get me these things and you did so once again thank you so so much! I Love You both very much. !! **



Until Next Time Dolls !!

Xoxo___ Kris !!




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