Milani Foundation Review

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Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to another week and can you believe Friday we will be in April ! I can’t believe how fast this year is going by we just got into 2016 and it is just rolling by. I intend to make this my year so let’s see what the rest of it shall bring for all of us.

So today I wanted to write a review for you guys on this product I have been trying out. Ever since it came out literally everyone was talking about it so much. I have seen tons of reviews on them from many many beauty vloggers, but of course I had to see for myself and have a review of my own. The product I will be reviewing for you today is none other than the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer.



Swatch of the foundation

Milani is one of my favorite drugstore brands and their products are really amazing. So I when I saw that they came out with a foundation I was like I need to get my hands on this and try it out. On the actual product itself it says that this a medium to full coverage foundation that is light weight, has an oil free formula and it is long wearing water resistant and sweat proof. When seeing that your automatically like this is the perfect foundation this is something I need. But everyone has different skin types so you I really recommend that you try it out for yourself before you just brush it off or get the product because of other peoples opinions.  I mean the reviews are really helpful but how will you really know if it is good or bad for you if you don’t actually try it out yourself?

The foundation retails for $9.99 ($10) so the price is ok because most foundations do make the $10 mark. It is a glass bottle which I love the packaging is very nice and classy and of course the best thing is that it has a pump! If you are all about makeup and are a beauty blogger, beauty vlogger, beauty guru or just love makeup in general this will be your most favorite part about the product !! I love that is has a pump because I don’t have to waste so much of the product.

I have mine in the shade 13 Chestnut. They have 14 different shades to choose from. Off the back I will tell you I am very happy that their is a foundation out there that has a lot of shades for us darker girls. For us it is very hard sometimes to find shades for us because they aren’t many provided out there so I was very happy about that. The one thing I did not like was that there aren’t any of the darker shades sold in stores. I don’t know why that is but they should really sell all of the shades in any stores that sell their products. That did make me a little upset because I wanted to try it and I ended up having to order it and pay for shipping when I have a CVS, and Duane Reade so close to me. If one of those stores had the shades I could have saved extra money so that was the only thing that did really bother me. Moving on when I applied the foundation to my face it has a very thick consistency so I knew if I go another layer I would have some full coverage going on. It blends out very well and the shade I have matches me so well. I did apply this foundation with my favorite foundation brush of all time right the M439 Brush from Morphe and that is like a combination in heaven. I don’t think I will need beauty blender for that application because the brush just does an amazing job and the coverage it has with brush is flawless. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin which is great because you can build it up and not feel like you have an extreme cake face. So off the back I was very impressed with that.

I applied my foundation on around 230pm and wore it till about 11:45pm. It does oxidise well on me so I was happy about that. So at the end of the day I can say that it did hold up very well. I usually get oily on my nose and forehead when I wear foundations for a very long period of time but by the end of this day the only part that was oily was my nose but it didn’t look so intense. Like sometimes you can tell like my nose is super shiny and you just want to wipe it off. But overall it did a really good job it stayed put and it didn’t rub off at all. I really enjoyed wearing it and I got a lot of compliments on my makeup that day so I was very pleased.

Overall this is another great drugstore foundation. I know I will be using this one a lot I just hope that soon they bring the darker shades into stores soon so that I can just grab it quickly. Other than that I give this two thumbs up. I do recommend that you try this out if you have not just give it a shot and see how it works for you.


Well there you have it guys! I be doing a tutorial soon using the foundation so that you can see it in action. So make sure that you subscribe to my Youtube Channel and also follow me on all social media to be updated on everything!! Head over to the Contact Me page to find all of my social media accounts.


Until Next Time Dolls !!

Xoxo_ Kris !!


Wearing the Milani Foundation





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