Chit Chat: New Job


Hey everyone hope your week is going well and welcome back to another edition of the chit chat. If you have read the previous post then you did know that my birthday did just pass which was very exciting but another exciting thing did happen as well. I did just recently get a new job that I am very happy about. I had my first day this past Friday on March 25th and it went so well.

The job I am currently working is for Rockaway Beach Veterinary Services. The position I am still training for is for a receptionist. I did apply for this job a while back before it opened but they did go with others who had more experience. When I actually got the call from them to come in for an interview I was so happy. Like after all of this time had went pass they still had my information and they were giving me another chance to come in and interview for the position. The interview went so well just like the first one I wasn’t nervous at all and I was very comfortable.

So by the end of it she offered me the position and wanted to bring me in for training right away. I was so estatic because this was going to be something totally different and new for me. I was a bit nervous to start on my first day but I felt like I did really well. I am good with computers so I do know how to work them very well. This program that they have although I have never used before I feel like I will get the hang of it once I continue to use it more. I am happy to be doing this because it is different and I want to learn and have so much experience as possible. It’s always good to have experience in various fields and I just have that feeling that this will be my favorite one yet. I am good with people and I love animals so of course that is a plus.

I just feel so blessed that I was given this opportunity because I really thought that was it for me. And now that I am actually going to be out the house is so good for me. This was one of the best birthdays I have had. And I cannot wait to just continue on with this job and learn so much and just be great at it. I am still training right now and they are some long hours so forgive me if one day a post does not go up. I did also just upload my very first video on Youtube which I was so happy about. I am still working on putting a schedule together to balance everything out. I am hoping to film some videos this weekend so that I can have maybe two videos for the upcoming week. And of course you know I will  keep yo updated on SnapChat, Twitter and Facebook.

I think I rambled here long enough so that will be it for this edition of the chit chat. Enjoy the rest of your week guys !!


Until Next Time Dolls !!

Xoxo_ Kris !!


First day of work photos!!




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