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Today I wanted to share with my favorite brushes. I have tons of brushes which I love but these are the ones I really use on an everyday basis. These are like my holy grail brushes. They are all very affordable so if you want to check them out I highly recommend that you do. Also I will be filming tomorrow so you can expect a new video on Youtube this week. I am still trying to work on a schedule to balance both of them out so that everything can run nice and smooth. Of course I will keep you all updated on all of my social media platforms so how about now I share my favorite brushes with you.

Before I start for this post I will go in order as if I am doing my makeup. So for each category you will see all the brushes I like to use for each. I thought it would be easier to do it this way instead of having like 35 pictures I don’t want to get anyone bored 🙂 so this will be much easier for everyone to understand.


First Category , Crease Brushes !!


These 6 brushes are my absolute favorite. I literally use them every time I do my makeup. They are all really great. These vary from tapered crease brushes to fluffy and just regular crease brushes. They get the job done very well. In the picture above I have a Pop-Arazzi Eye crease blender brush and this is great to really get a color directly into the crease. Then I have the Morphe M200 which is great for blending out the crease colors. As for my 224 brush I got this from  Ebay but this brush you guys is terrific for adding that transition color it is very fluffy and I use this just for that. I have two because they are just my favorite. For the last three they are all by Jessup Brushes. They came in a 15pc set and are very great quality brushes. Then I have a Tapered Blending Brush, Small Tapered Blending and a Blending Brush. They make it so easy to just get into the crease and they help so much when creating smokey eyes. So now you see  I never have any problems no more with my crease area or blending because these brushes are a life changer.

Eye Lid Brushes..


These three right here you guys hands down the best brushes for packing on any lid color. Ever since I got these I have not stopped using them. They are the Morphe M224 which is great for adding any sparkly shimmery shades with a little fix plus your color will so vibrant and it will apply so effortlessly. Next I have the M209 which is amazing for any lid color with just that one sweep your color is all there. Lastly, this brush shocked me so much and it is the Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush. I used this when I did my purple eye look and I couldn’t believe for such a cheap price how amazing this brush worked. It really got the color on so well. Usually sometimes you would have to pack on the color a lot to get it to show but with this brush you won’t have any problems. I highly recommend you try this brush out ASAP !

Foundation Brushes.


I only have two favorites for this category and that is ok. I know many of you have already heard of the brushes and many of you have them and if you do then you know that these are the BOMB for applying foundation. They are none other than the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush and my all time favorite the Morphe M439. I don’t think I will ever use any other brushes to apply foundations the only other tool I will rotate in using is the beauty blender. But now everyday I use the M439 brush. It gives such an awesome coverage and it blends out your foundation like a dream. Before I got that of course I was using my Sigma F80 but these two I am telling you once you use them you will never stop. Hands down the best foundation brushes of life to me.

Powder Brushes…


I only have two again in this category but I think it is ok. These two powder brushes have been working very well for me for a long time they are very nice and fluffy and just are great for setting my face. I use them both on an everyday basis. They pick up just enough powder and in like 5 seconds I can set my face and it won’t look so powdery. They are the M140 Brush and the Jessup Large Powder brush.


Bronzer/Contour Brushes…


So here I have three great brushes that have helped me so much with bronzing, and contouring. The first brush is the M527 brush and with this brush I mainly use it with my Milani Baked Bronzer in Golden. When I use that product with this brush I just apply it in the areas that I will normally contour my cheeks and forehead with. It has made me love that product even more because with that brush it just looks so natural and I love that look. Now I can see why Jaclyn Hill loves this brush so much. For contouring I rotate between these two brushes all of the time and they are the ELF Angled Blush Brush and the Jessup Duo Fiber brush. I love contouring with these two because they are so easy to work with and my contour comes out so nice. I never really liked contouring before but when you get the right brushes that work for you, it will have you contouring like a pro.

Blush Brush…


The solo brush 🙂 I really do need to get more blush brushes, so if anyone has some recommendations please let me know I need more and I would love to try out some new ones. But for me my Jessup Blush Brush is my baby. I use this everyday to apply every blush color I use. I love the way it blends out and it doesn’t make the blush look so harsh on my cheeks. It distributes the color very well and I just can’t get enough of it.

Highlighter Brushes…


Besides my M439 nice brushes these are literally my favorite brushes ever. Highlighting is just like the icing on the cake and with these brushes your highlight will seriously be on FLEEK!!! They are all Morphe brushes no surprise but they are seriously that good. I have the M495, M601 and the M501. I mean I can go on and on about these brushes but that will be all day. Your highlight will not be the same once you use them. Get your hands on one of these ASAP you won’t be disappointed. I know there is one more brush from Moprhe that everyone loves to highlight and that I will get my hands on next to see if it is worthy to be in this spot.

Under Eye Setting Brush….


The only brush I use to set my under eyes. It is big but I love it because it gets the job done. It’s so light and when setting my under eyes it helps to set the entire area. I don’t like using small brushes because I feel like I have to pack on a lot but with this just one sweep  I am good to go. I use the Jessup Tapered Face brush. I never use anything this else so you know I love this brush.

Misc Brushes..


Lastly these two brushes are awesome as well. One I use to smoke out the lower lash line which I used to hate because I was always poking myself. But the M169 brush makes it so easy for me. It is tapered but its okay because it is soft and it helps with blending any color you have on your lower lash line. As for the M173 brush I use this when I have put any eye primer on and I use that brush specifically just to blend it all out. This works great for that and it gets all over the eyes which I really like.


Well there you have it guys these are all of my favorite brushes. Most of them are Morphe Brushes and I am subscribed to their monthly brush program. Although I do have lots of brushes Morphe brushes are very affordable and are really great to work with. I have never tried them before so I am very glad I have that subscription and have them all in my collection. It is a great way to grow your brush collection because lets face it you can never have too many brushes.

Please let me know any brushes you feel are very awesome to apply blush with. I really want to get some new ones so please let me know either in the comments below or on any of my social media platforms.


Until Next Time Dolls !!


Xoxo___ Kris !!




Products Mentioned:

Pop-Arazzi Eye Crease Blender Brush

Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush

Ebay 224 Blending Brush

Jessup Brushes -Tapered Blending, Small Tapered Blending, Blending, Tapered Face, Blush, Large Powder, Duo Fiber

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush

Morphe Brushes – M140, M439, M501, M601, M173, M209,M169, M224,M495, M200,M527

ELF Angled Blush Brush


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