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Welcome back everyone Happy May 1st 🙂 so today I thought I would share with all you my latest Voxbox from Influenster. If you don’t know what influenster is then you must be living under a rock. But influenster is a great website where you can write reviews on products, read reviews, take quizzes and if you qualify you will get the chance to receive a voxbox. I really love this website so much they give us the chance to test out products and review them for everyone to see. Being in the beauty community makes this the perfect way to review products. It’s totally free so you have nothing to worry about. This is a great way to connect with your beauty community and it is a great way to help out so many people.

I just received my bloom box and I wanted to share what was inside with everyone. Let me say it now,  Influenster did send me this box for reviewing purposes so there will be a separate post next week on a review for the full box. Today will just be an unboxing. I don’t want to ramble on too long so lets see whats inside shall we.




So the first item inside of the box is CuteX one step pads, this is actual a nail polish remover in the form of a pad which is pretty awesome. This box contains 3 pads and I can’t wait to try them out.


The next product is actually one of my favorites. Sunbett Bakery Granola bar. I always get a box of these in the supermarket, they have so many flavors to choose from which is awesome and they make a really good snack.


The next product is a hair product, this is the Not Your Mothers Pump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter. This product sounds very interesting I’ve  never used anything like it before so I wonder how this will work on my hair. If you didn’t know I did recently color my hair blonde which I am in love with. I will try this product out during the week and of course I will be reviewing it on the review post for this voxbox.


Next up we have this cute mini deodorant from Secret. We can never have too many of these right girls. This one says it has a new technology in where its suppose to last longer. I feel like all of mine have done a great job but I will see if there is a difference with this one.


Next up I have this Nuxe multi purpose dry oil. On the packaging it says this can be used on your face body and even hair. I rarely ever use any oil on my face since it does get oily a bit but this will be interesting to use on my body and hair. Anything to give an extra bit of shine I will definitely  follow up with you on this product.


The last product is this Sinful Colors nail polish in the shade VIP. This is the perfect spring and summer color. This polish says to have gel tech inside so it will last longer. I will definitely be using this color very soon its that perfect bright pop of color.


Okay guys so those were all of the products that were in my Bloom Voxbox. Thank you Influenster for giving me the chance to receive these products. I will be reviewing all of these products in the next blog post so stay tuned for that.

Be sure to check out Influenster and sign up if you haven’t! You never know you may be qualified to receive the next Voxbox.


Until Next Time Dolls !!

Xoxo__ Kris !!



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