Fast and Easy Breakfast !!

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So today lets get into something fun. As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? Well not too many people have grasped that yet, I know I was one of those people. I remember when I was younger I rarely ate anything in the morning and through out the day I was always super hungry and cranky. As I got older I knew I needed to eat something in the morning in order to make it through out the day. Let’s just say that now I  NEVER skip breakfast, if I do I get the worst headaches and I feel lousy. So for all of you skipping breakfast DON’T DO IT!! You will not feel good through out your day.

Today I will be showing you this super yummy breakfast that I have been loving lately. I got this inspiration from my good friend on Youtube Karine Rochon we literally snap each other all the time and most of it is about food. She will be helping get back on the healthy track which I need to do so thank you Karine in advance. I did however add a little twist to this by adding my favorite smoothie along which is super yummy. I think I chatted enough let me show you what breakfast I have been loving..


Here are all of the ingredients I will be using I did forget to put the bananas in the picture and that will be going into he smoothie.



Taking a pot fill it up with water, then you will add one tsp of salt and 2 tsp of vinegar. Wait and let the water get hot don’t let the water start boiling or else the yolk will break. Once the water is a hot temperature you will then place one egg inside. As you see in the picture above .


Here I have two eggs inside. If you do not know what I am making this is my version of poached eggs ๐Ÿ™‚ while the eggs are cooking I have my turkey bacon cooking in another pan and my rye bread in the toaster. I let the eggs cook for 10 minutes each.


Once the toast is done I took just a tiny bit of butter and applied it on the toast and then I added my turkey bacon on top.


For my smoothie I used 3 spoonfuls of low fat vanilla yogurt , one banana, some frozen mangos and vanilla flavored almond milk with no sugar.


I like my yolk hard so that is why I chose to leave them in for so long, here as you can see they are ready to come out and be served.


And here we have it poached eggs with turkey bacon rye toast and a mango smoothie ๐Ÿ™‚ this breakfast is so delicious i just can’t get enough of it. If you guys have any breakfast favorites please let me know I am open to try out new recipes. Thanks again Karine for recommending this amazing breakfast sandwich. As for my smoothie recipe its just something I tried one day and put together and ever since then I’ve been hooked.

Hope you all enjoyed this and try it out  ! It’s really delicious .


Until Next Time Dolls !!

Xoxo__ Kris





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