Morphe Brush Program !!

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Welcome back everyone I did notice we have some new readers so welcome everyone. So today I wanted to talk to you guys about brushes ! I mean us as beauty lovers we can never have too many brushes right? Today I will be sharing with you some info about this amazing brush program that I am currently subscribed to and it is totally worth the money. Many of you already know what I am talking about and it is the Morphe Monthly Brush Program provided by Live Glam.

With this subscription you will get up to $30 or more worth of brushes each month with free shipping ! It’s crazy because before the subscription came out I was setting up a cart full of brushes then the next day I went on Instagram and saw that they announced it and I signed up the very first day the subscription came out. If you are an aspiring artist or you just love beauty this will be perfect for you.

Morphe Brushes are a very great quality and they are so so soft. I love how each month you get a different variety of brushes. And now they have rewards which I think is so awesome. For each month that your subscription is active you will earn 100 points and with those points you can redeem them for prizes. So if you are thinking about joining any subscription this would be it ! I am telling you guys this is really something great to be apart of. There are tons of perks you gain by being an active member. You get first access to brand new products plus some discount codes. So what are you waiting for ? Click the link down below to start your subscription now. I will also link down Live Glam’s website so that you can do some more research if you aren’t too sure.

And no this is not a sponorsed post I just chose to share this information with you all because I really enjoy this subscription so much and I know a lot of you will also feel the same way 🙂 also I will have the past months pictures of all the brushes I have received so far. I don’t remember exactly which ones came in what month so I will be sharing the pictures from their website.

I hope this post was helpful to many of you and don’t hesitate to sign up ! You won’t regret it !!



Brushes By Month:

December Brushes –

January’s Brushes

February’s Brushes

March Brushes

April’s Brushes

May’s Brushes

As you can see so far we have been getting really good brushes so far, so join the subscription before it is too late.


Until Next Time Dolls !!

Xoxo__ Kris



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