JORD Watches Review !!


Hey Dolls welcome back ! Hope you all are enjoying your summer. So today I wanted to get into some fashion and discuss with you about some amazing watches ! Now these are not your ordinary Michael Kors watches, what’s special about these is that they are made from wood !! Now when I say wood you may think really is that possible and yes it is! The watch I will be reviewing for you today is the JORD Womans Frankie series. I have mine in purpleheart and plum. JORD Watches was kind enough to send me one of their latest pieces to try out and review for you guys. Thank you again team for this amazing opportunity.
On their website they have a ton of different styles to choose from, they have men’s and woman’s watches so you have the best of both worlds. I think these would be the perfect unique gift for your loved ones. Being that the watches are made from wood to me they are the best for the fall time. Of course you can wear them anytime of the year but around the fall they would really give your outfit the ultimate pop. What I love the most are the different series of watches they have. According to my style the Frankie series was the perfect match for me. I am not usually a big fan of pink but this watch stood out so much to me and I knew this was the one. This is one of the perfect accessories to have in my collection and I will get so much use out of it.
When you receive your watch is comes nicely packaged in a wood box and you also get a cloth to clean your watch just in case it gets a little dirty. Since it is made out of wood it is best to take extra special care of your watch. Although if push comes to shove and you have to clean it , it will be best to use lemon or orange extract oil to clean it. This is something fun to add to your everyday wear. These ladies watches are definitely different from what many of us would normally buy and I feel that is just what we need. To be have something different so that others will see and be intrigued and go out there and give it a try. I will recommend these watches to my friends and family and also you guys. You would really be satisfied with the outcome and this will be your next best accessory.
If you would like any further information or if you want to see the other collections they have  you can head over to their website Jord Watches and check them all out. They really some unique pieces and I really fell in love with mine. So if you are on the hunt for a new watch I recommend that you head over there now and check them out. They prices range so they will not hurt your pockets if you decided to purchase one. And if you do purchase one make sure you tell them I sent you over 🙂 . I did wear my watch during the week at work and it still in great condition. I had to get a feel for it to know which outfits would go best and also I wanted to see how it would look on me. It did turn out great so I will be coming up with some outfit pictures to show you some examples on how you can style your unique watch. I will be posting the pictures throughout all of my social media platforms so don’t miss out. The links are down below so follow me so you can see some inspiration on my Frankie watch.
Hope you all enjoyed this review and I really hope you check them out !!
Until Next Time Dolls !!
Xoxo__ Kris !!
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