L`Oreal Clay Mask Review



Hey dolls ! So today I wanted to talk to you about a new mask I have been trying out from  Loreal. If you didn’t know they came out with 3 new clay masks. Each mask is designed differently to help better your skin. So far I have one and it has been working wonders for me. I do think I will go ahead and pick up the other too just to try them all out and see how well they really work. The one I have been using is the red one. This one helps exfoliates and refines your pores. I have been having such a hard time with my pores I wanted something to specifically help with that area. So I was so glad Loreal had a mask just for that.

Over time we are still left with a lot of dead cells that build up over time making our skin rough, while the dirt and oil build ups causing enlarged pores. This is a statement loreal made on their packing. I find this out to be very true because this is something I have been going through for a quite a while. So this mask was designed to target that area. I mean who doesn’t want to refine their pores if they are enlarged and very noticeable. This mask is forumulated with Kaolin , Montmorillonite and Moroccan Lava Clays enhanced with Red Alge Extract. All together what this does is:

  • Draw out build up of impurities , dirts and oils
  • Unclog and tighten pores
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells and smooth imperfection
  • Refresh and allow skin to breathe

I have been using this masks for 2 weeks and I can say it has been working just as the explain on the packing. I am very pleased with this mask and I can say I have noticed a great difference in my pores. These masks run for about $12 which isn’t that bad because you do get a lot of product inside of the jar. They recommend that you the masks 3 times a week and I agree, you don’t want to over use it and dry out your skin completely so I recommend you just stick to 3 days. If you have are having the same problem that I had then this mask is right for you. Since I enjoy using this one so much I  will be purchasing the black and green clay masks. My skin has been having such a bad combo since the summer started so I really want it to be refreshed, clean and back to normal. If you were iffy about trying this mask I say go out there and grab one. I cannot tell you about the other two because I have not tried them yet this is why I am only reviewing one for you guys. But just know that when I do try out the other two I will be letting you guys know how they work out for me. You have options to choose from which is great so you really don’t need to purchase all 3 of them you if you don’t want to.

I am just so happy I have found something that really does work well on my problem areas. That’s always a good feeling to have knowing you found something that you enjoy and also knowing that it will workout just right for you. So if you haven’t tried them I say go out there grab one or two and test them out. You won’t be disappointed with the Red mask if you are having problems with your pores it will work out great for you. Great Job Loreal! This mask is wonderful !




Until Next Time Dolls !!

Xoxo__ Kris !!



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