Kylie Cosmetics ; Kyshadow Palettes |Review|


Hey dolls welcome back and Happy NEW YEAR!! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I hope this new year brings everyone lots of happiness ! We officially made one year here on the blog on January 1st and I couldn’t be happier. The blog has been such a great platform for me and I just can’t wait to get even better this year. This year will be all about new opportunities.

This has been a long awaited post I must say. I was contemplating on writing this because I wasn’t sure if it would be popular but as time went on I knew this was something that I had to do. So today I will be sharing my opinion on all 3 of the absolutely Palettes by Kylie Cosmetics. I have all 3 palettes as of right now and I know she is currently in the process of making some more. The reason I want to write this review is because there are so many mixed reviews and opinions about the palettes and I would like to share my thoughts on them. I feel it would be easier coming from someone like me because I am a regular girl who loves makeup so it wouldn’t look fishy on my end. So now let me tell you what I think about the palettes.

The first palette ( The Bronze Palette ) was released in the summer. Getting this palette was such a hassle for me I wasn’t able to get it until the third time she restocked it. It literally kept selling out in just 1-2 minutes. This palette is very neutral and it has a lot of warm tones. It’s great for an everyday use being that the colors are very subtle. Many of the colors are very pigmented in this palette and they do blend out very well. The only thing I didn’t like were the shimmer shades. They didn’t really pop out much for me. But then I did remember she never really wears anything to extravagant so she did make the palette in which the way she wears her makeup if that makes any sense. The palette is $42 and does not have a mirror. I do recommend this one if you are more on the soft side. But if you are someone who likes very dramatic makeup this wouldn’t really do you much justice. I have swatches of the colors in the photo down below. Overall I did like the palette very much and I am glad I did purchase it.


The next palette (The Burgundy Palette) released in the fall and the price was the same as the first palette ($42). This palette is absolutely gorgeous. This is the ideal fall palette, there are tons of warm shades but the cranberry colors pop out so much. This palette did not come with a mirror but that doesn’t bother me. The colors in this palette were very pigmented and easy to blend. You can tell that the formula changed and they really worked on making this palette better than the first one. I would tell anyone to grab this palette because of the beautiful colors. I would choose this palette over the first one but if you would like to collect them I’d say get both. You can see the swatches down below for reference.


The last palette which I recently just got about a week or two ago is the Holiday Palette. This palette did come with a mirror which made me want to get it even more. You have a nice range of shades to choose from which I really love and this palette is by the far the most pigmented in my opinion. This would be a great gift for someone you know who loves Kylie Cosmetics. When I used the palette I was impressed everything came out so nice and it was super easy to blend. I would of course definitely recommend this product to anyone. This palette will get a lot of use for me this winter. You can see how beautiful the colors are from the swatches down below.



So those were my thoughts on each of the palettes on their own. I honestly do really enjoy the Kyshadows a lot. You can tell how much each one has improved from the last and I feel like they are just going to keep getting better. They would be really  nice to add to your collection, the packaging is amazing and different which I love. I would keep repurchasing any more palettes that she comes out with because I honestly do enjoy them so much. Ive only had one problem with the first palette but the last two did makeup for that. So I say if you are hesitant and don’t know if you should try these out I say go ahead! I would say get the Burgundy or Holiday palette first because those are my top two favorites, but if you would want to collect them all I say get all 3. You can still get a good use out of the first one because it is more of an everyday palette.

Well this is it guys! I think I rambled on long enough but I really did want to share my thoughts about these palettes with you guys. I will post the link to all 3 tutorials for each of the palettes if you would like to see them in action ! There will be a new palette launching this Thursday on KylieCosmetcis and if I am lucky to get it on the same day I will be reviewing that one for you guys as well.

Xoxo__ Kris !!


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