LANGE Hair Review .



Hey guys welcome back ! So today I will be sharing some thoughts about this new hair styling tool that I have been obsessed with. But first I would love to thank Mary over at straighteners for giving me the chance to try this wonderful product out and for Lange Hair for making this possible. It’s always great when you are given the opportunity to try out new things and review them. This is what I love to do so I am very grateful I got the chance to do this.

I have the LANGE Aplatir flat iron in the blush color. This is a unique color for me because every styling tool I have is black so I decided to go outside of the box and get something with a pop of color. This flat iron is absolutely stunning. The packaging is lovely and the presentation was just amazing. And if you are like me packaging is everything and it can sometimes be my weakness.


The description of this product is, having tourmaline infused ceramic boast which has 400% more negative ion output than ceramic alone. Meaning that it reduces frizz and it gives a smooth and shiny looking tress. It has also has rounded edges to help create versatile looks while you style your hair. It goes up to 450 degrees. This is also best for all hair types. This styling retails for 79.00. They also have other styling tools that range in different prices.

My opinion on this product is that I LOVE IT ! The reason why I love it is because it really straightens out my hair extremely well. I am very picky when it comes to flat irons because many of them never really get my hair pin straight the way I like it. I have no problems with this tool. It heats up very quickly which I like, I will turn it on and in 3 minutes it is hot and ready to go. I do also curl the ends of my hair and this makes it very easy to do so. It also really smooth out the hair and the shine is incredible. Another plus is that because it is rounded at the end it helps create a nice subtle curl. If you have very thick hair this would be a great tool for you to use. My hair is very thick and using this just makes straighten my hair quick and easy which I really can appreciate.  This is a fairly new brand and I am very happy I got the opportunity opportunity opportunity try this out and share my thoughts with you all. I did use this tool in my latest Youtube video which you can check out. I will leave the link down below. Be sure to head over to Lange Hair to check out the rest of their line. They have curling wands and more opportunity to choose from. If you are interested in trying out anything from their line you can now use the code LAUNCH to get 30% off and free shipping. I would take advantage now if you are in the looks for some new tools.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review and I hope that you check them out. You will not be disappointed. Be sure to use the code to save some money and take advantage of the free shipping. I love free shipping and I know you guys do to.





Until Next Time Dolls !!


Xoxo__ Kris !!



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Use the code LAUNCH for 30% off and Free Shipping !!!

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** Disclaimer this post is not sponsored I was sent this product for testing purposes **

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