Mikasa Beauty Brushes Review !



Hey guys welcome back ! So todays review will be on some brushes I have received about a month ago. I wanted to use these brushes a couple of times before I review them because I wanted to really let you guys know how they work and as always you know I always give my honest opinion when I write my reviews.

I was contacted by a creative director from the company to try out their brushes. As a beauty lover you can never have too many brushes. So I did some research and saw they had some pretty good reviews out there. They were kind enough to give me code so that I would be able to order some brushes to try out. Yes I did purchase them on my own. They are a Canadian based company. The shipping took about a week which was not bad and everything came packaged very nicely. I chose to get the 4 piece eye brush set because I know I would get good use out of them. Along with my brush purchase they did a include a free beauty sponge which I really loved.

What I can say is that I really do enjoy the brushes very much. My favorite out of the four is the E300 blending brush. This brush fit so perfectly in my crease and it blended out my shadow very well I have been using this brush non stop since I got it. I am thinking of including it in my upcoming Favorite Brushes video for my youtube channel. The other three brushes in the set also work wonderful. I have nothing negative to say about them. They are soft and once I washed them there wasn’t any fall out which was awesome !

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Each brush has different prices. They range from about $12-$21 which is ideal for makeup brushes if you have been around the beauty community for a while. If you are interested in checking out their collection head over to Mikasa Beauty and browse through. The set I got retails for $42. And if you are wondering about trying them out I can provide you with a coupon code that will get you 15% off your entire purchase. My code is (KRISTINEJACKMUA) so feel free to use it when placing your order. Their lemon drop sponge is also great. I love to find beauty sponges that actually work! It’s good to have a variety of them because not everyone is willing to buy new beauty blenders all the time. They are the best out there but it is also great when you find affordable dupes out there.

I hope you guys enjoy this review and I do recommend you check them out. If I didn’t believe in these brushes I wouldn’t steer you guys in the wrong direction. You can check out the brushes in action and the sponge in one of my Youtube Tutorials which I will leave down below.

Until Next Time Dolls !!


Xoxo___ Kris !!




To Get 15% Off Your Purchase at Mikasa Beauty use the code KRISTINEJACKMUA !

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