Worth The Hype ? New Highlighter Palettes



Hey dolls ! Welcome back . So today’s post is going to be short but I wanted to get something up for you guys to read. So if you didn’t know there has been a lot of buzz going on in the makeup community. Just recently at the beginning of the month their have been two new highlighter palettes that have launched. These two palettes have been talked about so much over time and let me tell you they are both stunning. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these two palettes and I am so glad I was able to.

The first palette is none other than the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. When I found out that Nicole was collaborating with ABH I was super excited. No one knew what the product was going to be and once it was announced everyone went nuts. This Glow Kit is absolutely beautiful. The packaging the colors everything about it was just amazing. This palette is more on the glittery side which is gorgeous but it can enhance your texture on your face. So I would apply a light later if you do not want to enhance those problem areas. Here is a picture of the palette and swatches .


The palette retails for $40 which is normal for the ABH Glow Kits.

The second highlighter palette that has been talked about is the Smashbox x Casey Holmes collab on the Spotlight Palettes. There are two palettes which I thought was awesome. One is in Pearl and the second palette which is the one I have is Gold. The two palettes favor different skin tones. The pearl palettes favors more towards fair light and medium skin tones.  The gold palette favors towards tan-darker skin tones. I really loved that she did that in this collaboration because we need to have more variety in our makeup products. Each palette retails for $35. The packaging is very nice and this palette is actually perfect to travel with because of the size. Here is  a picture of the palette and swatches.


Out of the two the Smashbox one is my favorite because it looks the most natural on my skin and it does not make my skin texture stand out more. Don’t get me wrong I like the Nicole Palette as well , the colors are stunning and they are extremely pigmented. But for the moment the smashbox one is more for me right now. Both of the palettes are great and I do think they both are worth the money. If you are willing to splurge I say go ahead and get them both before they are gone for good. They both are limited edition so grab them while you can. If you would like a further look into the palettes I have a video up on my channel on this exact topic and you can actually see both of the palettes in action. I will  leave the link down below for you to check it out .

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and be sure to check my video out 🙂



Until Next Time Dolls !!


Xoxo__ Kris !!




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